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When it comes to buying online it is always convenient if the purchase is hassle free and easy. To make it easy some online websites have made it easy for the users and prepared chart and they have mentioned different delivery and delivery charges that apply for that duration of time.

There is a standard free delivery on orders over £40 this may vary depending on different website. This delivery is applicable within UK and your order will be delivered within 5 working days. If you want your order to be dispatched the same day the purchase should be made before 4 P.M by doing so the product will be dispatched. Standard delivery option is set for all the deliveries and it has its own terms and conditions.

There is free delivery within UK on next working day itself if you order over £100. This will be delivered before 6 p.m. the next working day. Here also all delivery terms and conditions are as per next working day. This delivery options also includes additional terms and conditions sometimes.
Standard delivery is applicable on purchase of £3.49. Here also it's the same if you order before 4 P.M it will be dispatched the same day and you will receive within 5 working days.Once the order is placed you can track the status of your order by logging into the website. You need to sign up and create an account in that website and login to make purchases and track them.

There are 5 status in which the product you have placed might be in.

  1. Order received

  2. Order being processed

  3. Order cancelled

  4. Order dispatched or track parcel

  5. Order parts dispatched

Order the First Status of Your Order



After you have placed an order the first status of your order will be received status where it is confirmed that your order has been placed successfully and will be processed in near future. Next status it'll be in is as order being processed in which the order is in the storage house to be confirmed and dispatched to be delivered. Sometimes if there is any issue with the product you have asked or maybe it is out of stock you will be getting an email that your order has been cancelled. You can talk with the customer care to understand what the problem was and sort it out

If everything goes successfully and your order is not cancelled your order will be dispatched and ready to be delivered very soon There are instances when we order more than 1 items at same time to dispatched, in this case the company checks products one by one and dispatchers them one by one so that the customer does not have to wait for a very long time for the product to arrive.

This was the procedure for delivering within UK undergoes. Some websites also offer delivery outside UK in this case the procedure will change. To start with the delivery charges for Europe countries will vary depending upon the weight and the distance it needs to travel. The delivery time also varies. Once it is dispatched, the package is delivered within 5-10 working days. If the package is sent through airways it will reach within this time. Sometimes the package contains product like aerosols which is a very sensitive item and requires to be sent through road ways, in this case the delivery time it takes is 15-20 days.

The delivery of non-prescription items only is possible out side UK. If you want to purchase a prescription medication you have to do so within your country since the medicinedirect website don't deliver to non-UK countries. All prescription medicines are delivered within UK countries.



Some Terms And Conditions

  • All deliveries are subject to the company.

  • Delivery options is applicable only for working days and exclude bank and all public holidays.

  • The package is delivered according to the selected delivery option during checkout. The delivery may arrive in multiple packages.

  • If you opt for next day delivery, the customer needs to sign the delivery papers once the package is received.

  • If you want to purchase any pharmaceutical products or opt for online doctor service, this will require an additional approval. The approval process involves filling online questionnaire provided by the company.

  • If the package is above 25kg there is an additional charge applicable which will be notified during checkout.

  • Depending upon what you order different mode of transport are decided for your package. Some require road ways and some airways.                                                           

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